The V-Factor is a highly interactive workshop designed to give you greater understanding of how customers perceive your sales professionals, your company, and your products and services. Customers determine the type of relationship they will have with your salesperson and your organization. But sales behaviors and the expertise they bring to customer relation- ships can differentiate them and your organization from your competition. The V-Factor will provide your sales team with insight into what creates value for customers and build a plan of action to improving their position with targeted opportunities.

The Workshop

The V-Factor starts with a pre-workshop assignment, requiring each salesperson to identify two or more high potential sales growth opportunities where they are stuck in a transactional relationship—but believe the potential exists for creating more value. They will prepare to discuss what they believe are the obstacles hindering them from developing a deeper, more profitable relationship and how they might increase the mutual exchange of value between your organization and the specific customers.
The workshop that follows is designed to achieve the following objectives for your sales team:
  • Diagnose Business and/or Relationship Impact and Product/Service Differentiation.
  • Explore how to apply the principles and practices from Integrity Selling to create value.
  • Identify best practices on how to create more value for customers.
  • Develop a plan to create more value with high potential but transactional customers.


By participating in the V-Factor your organization will:

  • Gain greater awareness of the potential for improving customer relationships.
  • Assess the ability to create value through needs-focused selling.
  • Develop a plan for growing sales within targeted opportunities.
  • Reinforce the sales team’s commitment to Integrity Selling®.
  • Build more long-term, loyal and profitable customer relationships.
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