1. How can you insure that every member experience creates value?
  2. What factors drive members to trust you and have confidence in your recommendations?
  3. Does your staff consistently look for opportunities to meet member needs?

Integrity Solutions® and Allied Solutions are partnering to offer a new powerful performance driven training solution. The Member Advantage is an interactive process that equips individuals to impact member loyalty as they demonstrate ethically driven service and sales behaviors.

Regardless of responsibilities or titles within an organization, any individual can positively impact each member experience through teamwork and actions that build deeper relationships. But these abilities are rarely learned intellectually, they’re developed experientially. By better understanding the importance of a loyal member, practicing excellent service principles, and listening for additional sales or services opportunities—participants enhance their ability and commitment to create member value.

Key program components include:

  • Member Needs-Focused Communication Model
  • Easy to Use Behavior Styles® Language
  • Structured Follow-up Modules
  • 18 Dimension Pre- and Post-Course Skills Assessment
  • Six Performance Accelerator Sessions for Ongoing Performance Improvement

Member loyalty is the result of everyone in an organization working together with common purpose to identify and meet needs, create value, and build relationships. During the program, member service teams:

  • Discuss the Difference between a Product or Process Focus and a Member-Needs Focus.
  • Practice an Effective Problem-Solving Process.
  • Make a Stronger Positive Impact on Members.
  • Interview More Effectively to Identify Specific Needs.
  • Apply the Six Magic Words to Create Value for Members.
  • Learn to Flex their Personal Style of Communication.
  • Identify and Overcome Internal Conflicts that Stifle Productivity.
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