The A3 Customer Loyalty and Profitable Growth Workshop is a one and one-half to three day facilitated process that increases your leadership team’s awareness, alignment and action, in order to overcome the challenges that impact customer loyalty and profitable revenue growth.

The A3 addresses the key performance drivers and barriers that contribute to achieving or undermining your strategic goals. Your leadership team, supported by select subject matter experts, will engage in a facilitated dialog focused on developing a shared understanding of the sales, service or management challenges that may prevent goal achievement. Participants are charged with creating prioritized solutions and building executable plans with defined timelines and clear accountability. Integrity Solutions’ senior consultants, utilizing the proprietary A3 Workshop Map, have the experience and expertise to guide your team through this process of problem-solving, decision-making, and action planning.

Teams that engage in an A3 Customer Loyalty and Growth Workshop will:

  • Gain Consensus on their loyalty and growth goals
  • Collaborate on the Key Performance Drivers that impact goal Achievement
  • Examine the Barriers to Successful Strategic Execution
  • Brainstorm Solutions that Create Customer Loyalty and Profitable Growth
  • Prioritize which Solutions will have the Most Impact
  • Develop Action Plans that can be executed within 90 Days

After the A3 Customer Loyalty and Profitable Growth Workshop, clients receive an Executive Summary Report and have access to ongoing Plan Execution Coaching to insure follow through and maximize results. The Executive Summary Report is a roll-up of the insights gathered throughout the workshop, communicates the agreed-upon action plans, and provides next step recommendations. The Plan Execution Coaching process is an option that helps a leadership team by monitoring its progress and ongoing commitment to their goals, accountabilities and timelines.


By participating in the A3 Customer Loyalty and Profitable Growth Workshop, you will:

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